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Shutup about factions and independents: USU debrief

I’m going to keep this short: shut up about factions and independents. A lot of the USU campaigning cycle, as well as post-USU commentary, has gone back into the faction vs. independent debate, with a lot of vitriol directed both ways. I think both sides have a point, but both sides sometimes seem to be talking over each other without speaking on the same level. I’m going to explore this mess. Often I’m caught in between factions and independents, and it is kind of annoying. For full disclosure, I’m a member of the grassroots left at Sydney University, but you probably knew that if you’re reading a blogpost about student politics written by me. This is me trying to find consensus (hah!) between both sides of the campaign, and why I have issues about well pretty much everything to do with student politics.

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