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To tackle radicalisation, you first need to tackle injustice

I was planning to write this article during the ‘Karen the Environmentalist’ debacle, when the government was mocked for painting a picture of a ‘radical’ environmentalist who lived in forest camps and dabbled in direct action. I found it particularly funny because it described maybe a quarter of my university friends, and Karen’s exit from radical environmentalism would be commonly referred to as ‘selling out’. But I was a bit dismayed that very few people focused on the more nefarious content in the deradicalisation guide, the fact that it was designed primarily to target Muslim extremists. Two of the four case studies were clearly to do with Muslims (Jay and Khazaal). Without going into an extended analysis of the text, it’s interesting how Erin the Racist was able to self-direct herself out of white supremacy into moderate acceptable racism, and Karen the Radical Environmentalist profited off her values, while Jay the Muslim Extremist needed to have it beaten out of him with jail, while Khazaal, for all we know, is still rotting in prison. It really highlights the different approaches the state has to ‘radicalisation’, depending on the demographic it comes from.

But then the Parramatta shooting happened, and I thought it’d be best to wait a while before presenting a contrary view to the mainstream take on radicals. There was also a certain peace before the storm, when Turnbull came out saying we needed unity and no one should target Muslims for this crime. But after a day or so, the onslaught of press and political hatred rained down on Muslims, as well as numerous raids on suspected terrorist houses (most released without charge) and the policing of the school Farhad Jabar used to go to, including the arrest of one of his schoolmates for inflammatory social media postings.

And, while it’s sad that I must do this, here’s a disclaimer: I don’t support the actions of Farhad Jabar, and normally I wouldn’t feel the need to have to say this. But as this is a public article, I feel like I need to make it clear that I’m not a supporter of his, or any Islamist group, or any terrorist group, etc.

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Open letter to ACA racists feat. Pauline Hanson

Dear everyone involved,

Thank you for motivating me to write on my blog again. I didn’t think it would take over-the-top racism on national television to make me angry enough to revisit this, but clearly it did.

Before you mention it, I should note that there have been multiple responses to this bullshit ‘news story’ on a shopping centre in Castle Hill giving space to Asian-targeted shops in the mainstream media already. Some of these were local pieces that rebutted, well, every claim you made of ASIANS TAKING OVER, including this piece by the Hills Shire Times.  In fact, you did your own response to your story which you started off by dichotomising “suburban mall” and “Asian supermarket”. But more of that later.

Once again, thank you for making me so angry. It’s a cathartic experience that justifies ignoring oncoming assessments.

Yours truly,

Someone who is not white

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Quick points on current refugee debate

I finally watched the Q&A episode with Turnbull about refugees. The debate around asylum seekers is so flawed it is ridiculous. Watching the show was like watching two intelligent politicians headbutt each other to prove who was the manliest, only to step back every now and again to make witty quips to show they weren’t just brain-dead apes. The refugee debate has become hijacked by partisanship, but not in the way the ALP and the Liberals would like you to believe. No, it isn’t just an issue of the ALP needing to win the Malaysia Solution and the Liberals needing to win Howard’s Solution (‘Pacific’), it’s an issue of winning the debate to say No! to foreigners, No! to refugees, and No! to immigration. You see this pervasive in the union movement with anti-foreigner sentiment.

Anyway, this bullshit about border control has gotten the public so fixated on being anti-boats that I’m starting to doubt the future of an Australia where something positive like same-sex marriage can get support but something like on-shore processing can’t. Perhaps we need more celebrities.  Here are a few points I just don’t understand are actually bought in to by the mainstream press / voters:

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