Open letter to ACA racists feat. Pauline Hanson

Dear everyone involved,

Thank you for motivating me to write on my blog again. I didn’t think it would take over-the-top racism on national television to make me angry enough to revisit this, but clearly it did.

Before you mention it, I should note that there have been multiple responses to this bullshit ‘news story’ on a shopping centre in Castle Hill giving space to Asian-targeted shops in the mainstream media already. Some of these were local pieces that rebutted, well, every claim you made of ASIANS TAKING OVER, including this piece by the Hills Shire Times.  In fact, you did your own response to your story which you started off by dichotomising “suburban mall” and “Asian supermarket”. But more of that later.

Once again, thank you for making me so angry. It’s a cathartic experience that justifies ignoring oncoming assessments.

Yours truly,

Someone who is not white

Dear A Current Affair, Tracy Grimshaw, and Ben McCormack,

You guys fucking suck. Balls. Honestly, your dumbass story was either the finishing, exhausting, implosive climax – I hope – of years of racist bullshit that defined your editorial stance, or just another step in your desire to steamroll over every last inch of goodwill left in this country. First of all, ACA, what made you want to do this? Like, what I’ve always wondered is what goes through who’s head when they produce these kinds of stories. Who was the first person to say “hey guys, here’s a story about some Asian people who we can demonise!”? Who was the person to say “we should go over there and find some racist quotes to put on air!”? Who was the person to say “let’s get motherfucking Pauline Hanson on air”?

What I hate most about ACA is that you think – and this isn’t just on this story but on almost every story you failed journalists do – interviewing a bunch of racist white people gives your story legitimacy. Sorry, interviewing a bunch of racist white people and quote sniping your one interview with anyone of a background other than ‘racist white’ gives you legitimacy. Sorry, it doesn’t. Maybe in Australia’s equivalent of the “deep South” does an old white lady saying she would never set foot in a place where Asians own businesses, or one saying that there is an “Asian invasion”, or one saying that they’re taking over the suburb – maybe there does this sound authentically Aussie and reasonable, rather than bigoted and disgusting. So, say hi, you’re on television! Thank you, ACA, for letting me know who the racists are in this city.

Even in your follow-up piece, where you responded to criticism of racism, you literally went out and found more racist white people to interview to prop up your own racist views. What.

Can I also suggest to you people that you stop leaving the house so we can safely roam the streets once more? You may look sweet and fair-go-Aussie, but you’re the kind of people that, given a gun, would probably shoot a non-white person walking towards you in the street. When I say “kind of people” I mean racist and senile, of course.

Oh, and Tracy Grimshaw? Get off my television. You’re a joke, a hack, and a useless human being. For someone who made so much fuss abut Gordon Ramsay’s legitimately offensive comments about you, you hypocritically go out and say – or at least, facilitate – some of the most disgusting bigotry allowed on television. The amount of crap you spout out against young people, people of non-white backgrounds, fat people, etc. is unbelievable. You’re an employee, but you sully your entire existence by working at ACA. Get a real job and maybe you’ll be able to regain some meaning to your life once again.

Ben McCormack, you are even worse. Just because you’re an idiot, and you ask people stupid questions when you’re interviewing them that makes absolutely sure they’ll say something racist. And you lie, constantly. Probably sometimes on Twitter. And you write like an idiot on Twitter. And because this is your Twitter picture:

C’mon dude. C’mon.

Yours sincerely,

Someone who now hates ACA more than Today Tonight

Dear Pauline Hanson,

The only thing I hate more than seeing your repulsive being on television is the fact that you – a corrupt, racist, idiotic, incoherent, criminal, psychotic subhuman being – are given airtime and celebrity status by the corrupt, racist, idiotic, incoherent, criminal, psychotic subhuman beings that are executives and/or producers of fucked-in-the-head shows like Dancing with the Stars and, of course, ACA. Like, seriously. Despite my views on Channel 10 axing The Simpsons, at least they have more sense than to let David Duke co-host MasterChef with Cory Bernadi. If they can resist doing that, why can’t Channel 9 and Channel 7 do the same? Why are the helping rehabilitate your image? I thought you were left ground into dust; but instead, you were made into an elderly “proud Australian” who just wanted Australia to be what Australia was, and also a dancer.

Here’s a tip. Leave. Wait, you did before. Despite being a “proud Aussie”, you moved to New Zealand, and planned to move to the UK. Really, so you’re more proud of Australia than immigrants who come here to start a new life? Well, try to – they have horrific abysmal xenophobes like yourself standing in their way, supporting a market only accessible to white people. Anyway, get out, please. For some reason you decided to – on a story about Asians – bring up how much you hate Lebanese people too. Really? Thanks for letting us know. Even the Lebanese people who have been here for 3 generations? Who cares, all we know is you hate them. And Asians. Despite how long they’ve been here.

I was going to say that the day of your funeral would be a day of celebration, but unfortunately the racist ideas you helped kick off the 21st century in Australia have spread, have been codified into our collective imagination. You have fucked up Australia more than most people ever thought was possible. You are the reason why there is an onslaught of racist politics in modern Australia. I hate you, and I hope one day in your miserable, lonely life, when you’re on your death bed, you find this letter, read it, and reflect on how you wasted your existence on creating hatred and evil.

Yours always,

Someone who clearly hates you


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