Hey everyone, my name is Rafi and this is my old-blog-turned-new. I’m probably going to write about things I’m doing and things that interest me, which fortunately are the same, but unfortunately are pretty time-consuming and boring to most people, i.e. writing, sleeping, student politics, and the (i/I)nternet. At least there will be some consistency. I guess this is a ‘current affairs’ blog. I’m also interested in a lot of activism, especially in things like anti-consumerism, civil liberties, and slowly-but-surely in environmentalism. Disclosure: I’m a member of The Greens. I also like designing stuff, so maybe there’ll be some of that here, and some Photoshop stuff like subvertisements which I used to be crazy about but lost interest in soon after my first year at university. I’m also fucking in love with pop culture so maybe I’ll write about my thoughts on current trendy stuff like Game of Thrones, Community, and I dunno, what else is big? Guess I’m not that interested in pop culture after all. I dunno. Also you’ll find I’m very indecisive and ambiguous.

Is this too saccharine? I like using big words. This is my blog. Hi.



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